Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One bright day, when the sands sift into place
I will not know how my heart bends but I will
hear it in the waves, calling out through the girth
of this world. You, now far away, wanting, always
wanting for that glorious voice to rise out of your
lungs and just dissipate into golden nothingness.
You want and you want, and somebody will arrive
to lift you, if you can but lilt a little and go over
the many little hills that a human life is made of.
what I wish is the same. A memory to carry me on
to better days. The brightest smiles others can give.
And a word of courage from nobody I know. Someone
who passes me by, looks me in the eye, and wonders
if some lightness has formed in me the way it has in him
every single day.

-- Rafael San Diego

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