Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I recently went to Mag:net, Katipunan for Happy Mondays Poetry night and a group of performance artists were there for a cause. As they made our night a little merrier than the usual, I found out that they are supporting a project for the benefit of less fortunate Filipino children inflicted with cancer.

I'm not exactly the most generous person in the crowd that night and neither do I have that much money left in my pocket after the holidays. I just couldn't help but give a little something when they started sending out the fishbowl to the audience.

Tomas Leonor of Step Juan with Mag:net Staff

Me with Tomas Leonor and the fishbowl :D

*photos from Siege Malvar http://siegemalvar.tumblr.com

Here's some more information about the project:

This is a project that starts with a dream of one man that will hopefully end with a selfless goal of helping cure children under the Cancer Warriors Treatment Program.

Step Juan is a walking expedition done by one man. The idea is to walk from Pagudpod to Sorsogon (these are our covered areas for now) without any means of vehicular assistance and to do this for several weeks, straight, stopping only for food and rest. The backbone and foundation for this idea is to raise funds for the cancer children under the Cancer Warriors Foundation. Step Juan’s 50 day* walk will be done by Tomas Leonor, an avid mountaineer and a passionate artist. His walk will cover around 1,294 kilometers of long highways and pass 33 major cities and 150 towns. The expedition is supported by Leonor’s friends and colleagues who share his vision. We are NOT just gathering together to start a media gimmick or to create a passive awareness for cancer. We are all volunteers who assemble towards a common working goal of curing children inflicted with cancer. The children we hope to assist are all from the Cancer Warriors Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers treatment, assistance and care to children with cancer.

I lifted this text from their website. If you want to know more about this cause or better yet, help further it, or send your donations, please log on to this address.


Thank you! Let's all help support them. :)

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