Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rengga #1


by Michael & Corin 

A fading shoreline signals
the invasion of ancient discontent.
A body tethered to a jagged rock
sways in the undercurrent.

And the build-up, a centuries worth
of sediments. Silver school of fish traveling
along possible mermaids singing. The ocean
teeming with water flowers for this grave.

The ebb and flow of misunderstood emotions
constantly change the messages on the seafloor.
How long must I wait before colliding tectonic plates
create new terra?

Where I will seek comfort in madness.
My soul bellows brevity, longing
for its turn. I will place my faith
upon the ephemeral, living passion
within eternal wakefulness.

I will dive deeper into the abyss,
bring the fight to Death's door,
shedding all past transgressions
until I finally become weightless,

unbound. Frailty awash, all the blue folding.
To finally trace cracks and rifts back
to the promise of the shore. Never minding
the weakened walls of my heart.

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