Tuesday, February 15, 2011


For the first time in years, things
fell back where they should be.

It's one of those strange nights
where my eyes don't seem to work
like they should. Silver spots appear,
turn dark, and begin to streak
when I turn my sight to another side.
I haven't had a headache this serious
in a very long time. I could remember
the last, I was 16 then. Every time
I focused, my eyes hurt. I couldn't
open them. I imagined two mad thumbs
gauging my eye balls out its sockets.
My head was caving in because something
was too heavy. Medication soothed it,
but the effects wore off gradually.
The doctor advised me to sleep
if I couldn't take the pain.

And so, I slept through three years of my life.
And I wonder. It must have been what I saw,

Without sleep, I began to manage
because by now I know everything
will pass. Once again, there is weight.
It is heavier in the same places, and more.
Today, I saw things upside down. Sickening
colors, hazy hands, the silver streaks. Head
throbbing, eyes speaking of the same pain.

and didn't. It was in something he said.
Aren't we all aching for the same things?

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