Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glimpses (Part I)

Just a few shots from my recent vacation to the U.S. I wish I had bought a DSLR camera last year. I'm thinking whether I'll get a Nikon or a Canon. Now that I'm back, I'm seriously regretting not having done so. Anyway, I guess these photos from my 14 mega pixel digicam will have to do. Until my next batch of travel photos.

There are always two people in every picture: 
the photographer and the viewer. -Ansel Adams

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle

The Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, California

Lakeside park at the Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, California


Scientology building (left), Transamerica Pyramid (middle), 
and a building which I failed to identify (right).

San Francisco, California

To literally lose my breath just to get a glimpse of a beautiful city on the highest peak: check.

San Francisco hill view

The Golden Gate Bridge

Pier 39
San Francisco, California

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