Friday, March 25, 2011

News Hardcore!

Manix Abrera just made my day (click on the image for a full view). For more neurotic panels on media and the perils of being a journalist in the Philippines, please visit this link.

This reminds me why I never really applied for a newspaper. I turned down a magazine offer and quit my program researcher position at a local television network. I was in the news and public affairs department actualizing content for a women's magazine show, but I just had to go. They were giving me mini-segments to produce (I guess to convince me to stay?), but I left my job even before I had the chance to write.

It occurred to me that any body who plans to take on this path has got to be a lot crazier than most of us. I can't imagine doing this for the rest of my life, but they do. They have got to be insane and seriously passionate about it-- and I admire them immensely for having that kind of drive. I wish all the best for my journalist friends, especially to my pals Micheal Mira and Yna de Leon (who is currently applying for an opening in the news department at a local television network). Be responsible writers, stay safe, and get enough sleep you, psychos. Also, I'm very proud of my former producer, Shai Lagarde (you're bolder, more beautiful and immensely creative), keep on making your dreams come true.

I think work is like marriage. Talk about commitment (issues). I've had four jobs, which could just mean I've already divorced four serious careers. But I'm not really thinking about that right now. As long as I have work that pays the bills and gives me a flexible schedule, I don't mind.

This doesn't mean I've stopped writing after every career crisis and personal turmoil that has graced me. By the way, I'm giving school another shot. I am writing.

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