Friday, March 18, 2011

Prelude to Summer: Laser hair removal, anyone?

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy beautiful vacation spots in the country. For most women, it can also mean hair removal season. That’s right! Don’t let unwanted hair stop you from having a great time at the beach.

We all know too much shaving and plucking is not advisable and can only cause dark patches on delicate skin. These days, women have the option to stop struggling with razors or tedious plucking and turn to laser hair removal.   

Laser hair removal is a promising procedure which can give men and women smooth and hairless skin without unsightly bumps. When done properly, this method can be virtually painless. Just like any beauty procedure, it is very important to research on the latest laser hair removal treatments offered here in the Philippines. It is also necessary to select reputable clinics and trust a recommended dermatologist to perform this treatment.

Remember to openly discuss any history of skin allergy with your dermatologist before the procedure. If you’re taking any prescribed medication, inform your dermatologist so they can asses if this can have any negative side effects on your skin after the treatment. It is also very important to note that you can’t undergo laser hair removal if you have recently tanned skin. You have to wait until your skin’s normal pigment comes back before the procedure.

Ready for the beach:
With my friends at Panglao Beach, Bohol
Summer 2009

Laser hair removal is done in sessions usually in two to three week intervals or as specified by the dermatologist. It is not advisable to have prolonged sun exposure or take a dip in steam baths 24-hours after laser hair removal. Even after the procedure, patients must follow their dermatologist’s recommendation to avoid any irritation after the treatment. Kaya magpa-laser hair removal a few months before hitting the beach. :p

Laser hair removal techniques have come a long way since its introduction in the Philippines. Now available in selected clinics, Permasilk laser hair removal is an effective treatment that shows satisfying results within six to eight sessions. It uses the COMET System which is a combination of radio frequency laser and electro-optical technology which targets the hair bulb to effectively eliminate hair growth. 

Hair removal issues ni Ca.. este, naming lahat! :p

NO. 1 TIP: Get your treatment a few months before going to the beach. 

There are reputable laser hair removal clinics with professional and highly recommended dermatologists here in the Philippines that can help interested women achieve smooth armpits and legs. It can even remove hair effectively around the bikini area. One of the latest effective hair removal procedures is Permasilk laser hair removal. Remember to discuss any history of skin allergy as well as unusual skin condition openly with your dermatologist before the treatment to avoid problems. 


RushmoreBelle said...

hi cor.

hmm permanent ba ang laser hair removal?

Amber Light said...

Hey Ria!

In reality, not all laser hair treatment is permanent. You have to complete a number of sessions to achieve that. Hair can still grow back. However, when it does, it's much finer.

Teka subukin ko muna, tapos balitaan kita ha. :)