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Unbelievable Truth: Why you should listen to Andy Yorke (Certified sad bastard music!)

I'm glad to have re-discovered this band, Unbelievable Truth (UT), as lead by vocalist Andy York. I know, I know. It's sad they didn't enjoy much mainstream success behind the shadow of his brother's genius. The first single I heard from UT was "Solved", I remember I was watching UNTV one evening, which was sort of NU 107's music channel in the early 2000s. Back then, I didn't know this British group had been releasing songs into the airwaves as early as 1993. Because I liked the single, I obsessed about the song for a while. I researched about the band, and poof! I found out that the lead singer is in fact Thom Yorke's younger brother. Unbelievable Truth is composed of Andy Yorke, Nigel Powel, Jason Mousler and Jim Crosskey.

Today, I decided to go sound tripping in memory lane and found the song on Youtube after probably 10 years of not hearing it. Frankly, it was the only song I knew from the band. I never had a chance to follow through with the rest of the songs in the album, much less the other albums they produced. If you could remember, once upon a time, not every piece of information or music was available and downloadable. If it didn't have much exposure and success in the U.S., then you can just imagine how unknown they were here. 

Unbelievable Truth has long since disbanded in 2000 and its members have pursued solo careers over the years. Although, occasionally, they would reunite every now and then for special events. Now, after 10 years, i'm glad to know a lot of their material is viewable on Youtube and other music propagating sites. 

The Yorke Brothers
Above photo: Thom 
Below: Andy
image from http://greenplastic.com

I listened to three other beautiful tracks from the band such as "Settle Down" and "The Stone". The song, "Higher Than Reason", is released as one of the band's EPs and is included in their 1998 album titled "Almost There". While listening, I couldn't believe just how good Andy Yorke is. I guess people decided not to listen to his band because they thought he was just picking-up a career after his brother. But (the unbelievable!) truth be told: Andy Yorke is seriously a genius apart from his brother's brilliant madness. I just wish listeners would get over it and realize that. Currently, Andy Yorke is a solo artist and has released his first album, "Simple" in 2008.

Listen to "Higher Than Reason" below:

Of course, Andy and Thom have vocal similarities. Both have cool, almost haunting yet calming countertenor voice range. After all, they came from the same set of genes. However, when it comes to song-writing and of course, style, you'd notice that Andy concentrated purely on his lyrical craft. Although Unbelievable Truth and Radiohead may have recurring melancholic themes, Unbelievable Truth's music possess a distinctive mellow streak, with soft jangly acoustic guitars played harmoniously, complemented by soothing vocals. 

I love Radiohead, especially songs in albums The Bends and OK Computer. But, on lighter, more uncomplicated and contemplative days (rendered in black and white exclusively inside my head), I'd much prefer listening to Unbelievable Truth. Yes, the Yorke brothers apparently make moody music. 

Below is a video of their song "The Stone". If you got through reading everything I just posted, I hope you check out the band's other songs. And do enjoy!

*Information from http://www.unbelievable-truth.com/master.html and http://www.myspace.com/andyyorke

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